Friday, May 21, 2004

Wow...There Goes Another Weekend


It's not good news. I don't know the extent of Mr. D's illness. W does not know but apparently he has had some health issues for some time now, and they are coming to boil. This would explain the pressure for a grandchild, a real interest in W learning the business, and the frequent travelling that Mr. And Mrs. D have taken this year. Apparently Mr. D. went away to have an operation in Minnesota...and we just thought they were bothering friends there.

So Mr. D is in the hospital. Mrs. D is all medicated and doing everything the directions on the prescription bottle say you should not do...She's washing the pills down with Wild Turkey.

I picked up R at the airport today and he has done nothing but call his friends and talk on the phone.

W is holding up...she went to the plant today to soothe everyone, and to talk to #2 about things. She and Mr. D are constantly conferencing. I lent him my Blackberry.

R and W had one little spat today because he wanted her to wait for him before she went to the plant. By the time I picked him up (a little late) and got him to the house (after a wrong turn) he was about an hour late and W had to get going. (darn)

So we will be here, today, Saturday and Sunday. (We will be going to the Hairy Leg Soiree tonight)There is a chance of Mr. D getting out Sunday but they are advising him to stay out of work for a while. I don't think he will do that.

The real star here is W...she has been so cool under the gun and microscope. It's good that she patched things with M because M is now in the drivers seat for tonights dinner. W has her doing everything that W would normally do. W is thinking clearly, is not flustered and I think her Dad must be proud. I know I am. I was taking a shower last night and W popped in to talk and subtract from our bet. That's amazing...and my love for her grows.

Cool List....W, T, Mr. D, M
Not Cool....Mrs. D, R

More later